Celtic ceremony in one of the oldest caves in Ireland – Heart of Burren – O&J

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The Burren is a place full of wonder, beauty and discovery…

Olivia & Jeremy’s destination elopement was something truly magical to be part of..

Just read their story …

” What can we say about this day? It was unexpectedly perfect.

We are from a little place called Prince Edward Island, Canada. We had been planning a trip to Ireland for quite some time, as we wanted to go the honeymoon that we couldn’t have when we first got married due to a lack of funds and time. We decided that February 2017 was the time to do it, as we were celebrating 10 years together with our anniversary of when we met being in that month.

Something that we felt was very important to do was to renew our wedding vows, as we had both been through so much together and we wanted to celebrate the strength in our relationship, our commitment to each other over the years, and our future together. We found Dara Malloy who was able to officiate the ceremony that day, but struggled to find a photographer who’s style we would love. Thankfully Dara recommended Olga, and even though she was fully booked for the next two years, she was fortunately free the afternoon of our ceremony, and her photography style was exactly what we were looking for. We were staying in Dublin, but travelled across to Doolin to have the ceremony on the Cliffs of Moher as it seemed like the perfect location with it’s amazing scenery. The weather that day was unusual as a very thick fog had rolled in, leaving the cliffs completely covered and impossible to see. Feeling distraught over where to have the ceremony and to have our pictures done we weren’t sure how the day would turn out. Olga, completely unaware of her brilliance made a joke that we could have it in the Aillwee Caves nearby. In that moment, we realized that it was an amazing idea, as we had exploring the caves on our bucket list for our trip.

Thankfully everything fell into place after that. The ceremony was perfect, as the caves were beautiful and surprisingly cozy. Dara was able to give us blessings for our future together, and truly made the ceremony personalized for us. Our tour guide Shauna happened to also be a singer, and she wowed us as her beautiful voice filled the cave and resonated with the amazing acoustics.

But the star of this day was Olga.

She took incredible pictures inside the cave, and then took us to all of her favorite spots in the area to take more. If it wasn’t for her, we would have never seen all of these incredible places. We are so truly grateful for her positivity, creativity, and quick thinking! Instead of having photos that are similar to so many others who come for ceremonies or weddings on the cliffs, she was able to give us truly unique and beautiful pictures that capture our love for each other, along with an amazing day that we will always cherish. Thank you so much Olga from the bottom of our hearts! Not only did you give us stunning pictures, you gave us a stunning memory and an important life lesson. You taught us that even though things do not always work out the way you planned, sometimes they fall apart to make way for something even better than you could have ever imagined”.

Jeremy & Olivia

MrsRedhead Photography Ireland 



Celtic ceremony in one of the oldest caves in Ireland – Heart of Burren

Photographer : Olga MrsRedhead

Celtic Priest – Dara Molloy

Venue – Aillwee cave

Where did they stay ?- DOOLIN hotel

Hair – Martina Garrihy