Elope to Ireland

The Proper way to Elope in Ireland

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Elopement is now a popular wedding trend and if you and your partner are contemplating it, you need to know what you are about to get yourselves into.

Everyone would like to have a good wedding but in the real sense, not many people get to realize this dream.

Anyway, who said that you cannot enjoy your day and marriage if you don’t do a big wedding?  In the past, elopement had certain stigma that was attached to it because it meant lack of finances, pregnancy or disapproval by the parents and society.

Now that the stigma attached to elopements is no longer there, people are increasingly ditching the traditional wedding for a number of good reasons. You may feel that it is too expensive or do not like the stress that comes with planning a wedding.

It is also possible that you want to have a small, intimate and enormously satisfying wedding which is just about love and not a status symbol for the attendees. Whatever the reason for choosing to elope, it is important that you do it in the proper way.



·         Choose your location

Eloping may be an easy way out of a stressful wedding planning process but it does not mean that you should downplay it. So, where is your dream wedding location: in the cliffs of Ireland, under the waterfalls of South America, in the plains of Africa or at the legendary wedding chapels of Las Vegas?

If you are unable to travel abroad, you can also choose a nearby chapel, beautiful isolated beach, courthouse or a beautiful garden.



·         Plan everything concerning the ceremony

After choosing the right location, you will need to plan well for your elopement. Ensure that your finances are in order and that you meet all the legal requirements like residency, blood tests, witnesses, and officiant and so on.

Elopement does not mean compromising on your dream wedding dress as well. Take your time and choose a perfect wedding dress be it a mermaid dress, ball gown, sheath or A-line skirt with the right neckline, hemline, sleeves, details and trend plus you can see more here. It is also necessary to plan the rings, how to exchange vows and the banquet if necessary.

·         Find a way to capture the moment

The big day may belong to you and your partner alone but that does not mean that you don’t share the special moment with your friends and family. There are many ways to do this and the basic one is to hire a good photographer or videographer to capture every moment and then share it with your loved ones later. Another way is to live stream the entire ceremony and allow your friends and family to follow the proceedings from far.

·         Send the announcements and celebrate it

Sometimes elopement is done without informing even the closest family members and friends and in such a case; you need to make the announcement as soon as you return from the elopement. To avoid disappointing those who expected an elaborate wedding, it is good to make the announcements personally instead of through phone calls or prints.

Make the situation even better by arranging a post-nuptial celebration with your family members and friends several weeks or months after the elopement.

While eloping has its own benefits, it is not for everyone and you should only go for it if you are sure to pull it off. Fortunately, it is flexible and you can always adjust many aspects to suit your needs and still enjoy it. If you still feel that it is not for you, it is still right to opt for a traditional wedding or a destination wedding which is actually the middle ground between the two.

But, whatever you decide, make sure you do it the right way.